Last week we headed to Stratford-upon-Avon. This lovely little town is birthplace of the most famous English playwright Shakespeare. And that’s why we went there: Every year in April – in the time around his birthday – there’s a festival giving fantastic productions of Shakespeare’s plays. In both theatres you will have stunning actors, great stage settings and much fun. Along the festival there is a lot going on in town: Bands are playing, actors are speaking, a parade is taking place heading from Shakespeare’s birthplace to the church where he is buried.


If you have enough of all that cultural stuff you might visit the Cotswolds which is the area Southern Stratford. That’s what we did: You find lovely villages such as Broadway, Stanton or Stanley which are all built from the same kind of stone. Therefore all buildings look like honey-coloured fairy-tale-houses. Really nice to stroll through these old quiet villages.


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