Simple Agile Tools

Just like many other people, the teams in my company are working from home since 4 months. We were quite used to this situation, because we’re pretty flexible when it comes to times and locations.

However, we also had to find tools to support us in our daily work. I personally tried many different online tools for estimations, retrospective meetings or other kinds of workshops with the people in my organization.

A lot of these tools really didn’t suit quite well. They were often overloaded with functionality, needed a lot of explaining or weren’t fitting to our processes.

So, I used the time to develop some on my own.

Estimation Poker

In our non-virtual estimation meetings people were using classic Planning Poker cards. Already in 2018 I created a simple online solution for estimations. No registration is needed, just go ahead and create your own session to start playing. Almost all development teams in my department are using this tool and it is really handsome.

Meeting Boards

For retrospective meetings there are many solutions around. But all had way too much chi-chi for me. So, I created a simple solution: Without registration you may set up a board, create custom columns or choose from a predefined set. Then, have your meeting e.g. using a Mad-Sad-Glad set-up or any board you might need. After the meeting, you may export the results.

Team Timer

One tool I really use quite often is the team timer. Letting people spread out into breakout-sessions is now possible as everybody may have access to a timer set by the host of a meeting. Also, if you need to time-box any kind of working phase or conversation, team timer might help you.

A whole Workshop needed?

There are a few tools more, feel free to discover yourself. But: If you want to bundle these tools into a whole workshop set-up, using multiple boards, a timer, information items for your participants and a space to collect and link all your tools, you may do that also.

Feedback is really appreciated

Go ahead and try yourself. Let me know, what you think and help me improve these tools!