Closing tickets in Trac via QR codes.

We’re now using Trac along TracPrinter for a couple of weeks now and have a pleasant new feature which will evolve during the upcoming weeks:

You are now able to place QR codes on your ticket prints to allow closing them using your smart phone. This is currently really just a simple feature: A small php script which needs to have access to the Trac database, simply takes a project name for database connection and a ticket and sets its status to closed / resolved. In the future I’ll add a nice mobile interface to allow adding comments / changing status etc. The configuration is quite simple: You just need to add the URL of the webserver running the script to your file and configure your projects in the ticket_closer.php script if the project name differs from your database name. That’s it. Maybe somebody will love this feature just as I do!

QR Codes on ticket prints allow quick closing

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